Why have a business mobile website?

A few of my clients approached me recently wondering if they should have a business mobile website. So I did some research checking the latest mobile usage trends.

Take at look at this chart from Google Mobile Planet. Consumers were asked how important their smartphones are compared to other devices.

Here’s what they said:

  • 80% don’t leave home without their smartphones
  • 65% expect mobile websites to be as easy to use as on a computer
  • 33% would give up their tv before their smartphone
  • 25% would give up their computer before their smartphone

With 80% of the population carrying their smartphones with them at all times, this is an incredible opportunity for a business to reach their audience.

Visitors using a computer have to be at their desk or at home to engage with your business. Yes I realize that’s not the case with the rise in tablet usage. Nevertheless, mobile users can access you website anywhere, anytime.

The real eye-opener here is that 65% of users expect mobile websites to be as easy to use as on their computers. So they already expect to find your business mobile website.

Consider this, you are out running errands on the weekend. You hit the bank, post office, dry cleaners and have to stand in line at each stop. So what do you do while waiting? You guessed it, you surf the web on the smartphone. You are getting hungry and you still need to get the car washed.

So you do a Google search to find a restaurant and a car wash business within 5 miles of where you are. You find exactly what you are looking for, grab a quick bite to eat and get the car washed.

Now if own a restaurant or this car wash business, and had a mobile website, they might have done business with you.

Can you see the importance of having a business mobile website? These statistics alone should be enough to convince you of the trend in consumer mobile usage.