Top 7 Reasons To Build A WordPress Website

A content management system (CMS) is software that let’s anyone easily publish and edit website content.

Prior to CMS systems, anyone wanting a website had to hire a web developer to build it. If they needed any changes, they had to go back to the web developer.

With the advent of CMS, owners can update their own content. WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used content management system.

There are 7 reasons for building your CMS website.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Scalabile
  • Cost Effective
  • Add Functionality Easily
  • Update Design for very low cost
  • Built in SEO Features

Let’s review each of these reasons in more detail.

Ease of Use

The most compelling reason for building a CMS website, is that you can update it yourself. How many times have you needed to change your email address or phone number, only to find that your web developer is either too busy or unavailable?

Making simple changes to contact information may not seem so critical. But what if you have an e-commerce site and need to change the price of an item, or mark it as temporarily out of stock? This is an issue that directly affects your sales and therefore needs to be addressed promptly.


When I refer to a CMS being scalable, I’m speaking about content. A few examples of scalable content are Testimonials, and FAQ pages. As your business grows and you have more satisfied clients, you can add to your Testimonials as a way to get new clients.

Frequently asked questions cut down on the number of email and/or forum questions your business needs to address. Rather than answering the same question via email or in a forum hundreds of times, you only have to address it one time on your FAQ page.

FAQ’s are also a great source of search engine traffic. If you post the question in the same way that someone might do so on a Google search, your website may be served up in the search engine results page.

Cost Effective

WordPress software is free. All you need is a domain name and a Linux hosting account. Domain names cost around $12 per year and hosting is roughly $60/year. So your website cost is less than $100 a year! Compare that to the higher cost of traditional forms of advertising that run for much shorter time frames!

The price of a premium WordPress themes is around $35-$50, which is much more affordable than paying a web developer for a custom design. There are plugins to add functionality such as membership ($50-$100), and e-commerce ($90).

Add Functionality Easily

Adding functionality to WordPress is done via plugins. There is an app for just about everything for your iPhone or iPad right? Well, there is a plugin for any new feature you want to add to your WordPress website.

Since WordPress is open source, there is a huge community of developers creating plugins. You can add rotating ads, social media widgets, Amazon store widgets, membership, e-commerce etc.

Update Design for very low cost

WordPress has 2 components; the database and the framework. The database is where all your site content is saved. That includes text, pictures, and videos. That is separate from the design of your site.

So you can easily change the design of your WordPress site by purchasing and installing a new theme, without affecting your content. This makes it extremely cost effective to keep your site looking fresh and new and saves the cost of paying a web developer to build a new custom theme every few years.

Built in SEO

WordPress has built in search engine friendly features. The use of posts, pages, and categories make it easy for search engines to easily gather information when they crawl your site.

There are also numerous free and premium SEO plugins that can be easily installed. Some of them provide robust tracking features by integrating with Google Analytics.