Social Media

If you aren’t interacting with your target market via social media, you are leaving money on the table! People leave their home with the car keys and their cell phone.

They spend hours interacting with friends via Facebook, and Twitter on their smartphones. They shop for business services and products based on Tweets from friends, or Facebook ads. They post good and bad reviews of business products via social media.


It’s vital to not only establish social media accounts, but more importantly to use them as a platform to communicate with customers.

When most business owners build their social media account, they focus on broadcasting versus connecting. While broadcasting may work initially, you must connect and listen to your audience to build strong relationships.

Here are just a few compelling business reasons to use social media:

    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Post your success stories
    • Answer customer questions
    • Ask questions to get customer feedback
    • Build brand loyalty

Once we build your social media accounts, we strategically place them on your website for maximum exposure. It’s been proven that prime placement of social media components is the key to getting customer attention and increasing conversion.

In addition to creating your social media accounts, we help you leverage them. We recommend simple strategies to make it easy for people to engage without leaving your website. This means visitors spend more time on your website, increasing the likelihood that they will convert.

Our Social Media services

    • Setup Facebook pages
    • Setup Twitter account
    • Setup LinkedIn account
    • Setup Google+ account
    • Upload YouTube videos
    • Manage social media accounts