Google considers web page speed for SEO

Google considers web page speed when ranking a website, so it’s very important to optimize your website for fast load times.

If you have a WordPress website, there are several things you can do to improve your site speed. There are also a couple of tools you can use to check your site speed.

Image Size

Make images as small as possible and don’t have the browser resize them. You want to resize and/compress your images for optimal load times.

WP is a great plugin that performs several optimizations to compress your images. Once installed it runs automatically as an image is added to a page or post.

Use Browser Caching

Use a caching plugin to speed up your page loads. Two that work well are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript

This is a bit technical but basically involves removing all white space from code so that files load faster. Use the WP-Minify plugin that handles this at runtime. Another online tool you can use is Refresh SF

Page Speed Tools

Once your WordPress website is optimized you can use Google’s online tool to check your website page speed. It takes a few minutes to analyze your website and provides a report of high, medium, and low priority issues to resolve to improve load times.

Fix the issues reported by Google and rerun to see improvements in page speed. Continue to optimize your website and use Google’s page speed tool to make sure you are on target.

Google Page Speed Tool

Once you optimize your website, you may find it helpful to compare your site speed to that of your competitors. Try Which Loads Faster to test your site speed against a few of your closest competitors. Then use the report that Google generates to fix the issues it reports and test again.

Which Loads Faster

With Google taking page speed into account for SEO and visitor’s not wanting to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, it’s critical that your web page speed be as fast as possible.