Email Marketing

The money is in the list! If your business isn’t building a list of subscribers, you are leaving money….possibly tons of it on the table!

How do you build your list? There are a number of email marketing companies that provide this service. We work with several of the most popular and widely used companies.

Once we open your email marketing account, we build your opt-in form and add it to your website.

This form needs to be placed in the optimal position for maximum exposure. It also needs to have an irresistible offer to get visitors to sign-up.

What happens when a visitor signs up? They receive a Welcome email from you. This email thanks them for subscribing and includes the link for your freebie download,

But it doesn’t stop there….

Next, we build your initial email auto-responder campaign that goes out to all your subscribers. This can be a series of weekly or monthly newsletters providing valuable information that builds customer loyalty.

Every once in a while you send an email with an offer for a product or service. This is where you make the money from your list!

Once your email auto-responders are setup, they run on auto-pilot. Every time someone subcsribes to your list, they receive the Welcome email with the freebie along with all email campaigns you create!