Create an Infographic with these 5 tools

Infographics are a visual presentation of data, information or knowledge that can be understood easily and quickly. They are a great business marketing tool that can be shared via websites and social media. Here is a short list of tools you can use to create an infographic.

Choose from several templates, add text, images charts and videos to create an interactive infographic in just a few minutes. Create online charts by importing Excel data, then add the chart to an infographic. Signup for a free account then simply pick a template, add your data, customize it, then share it.


Use a WYSIWIG editor to drag and drop elements to create an infographic in minutes. There are design tools for easily changing colors, rotating images, adding opacity etc. There are interactive charts and tabs, and a huge selection of graphics. Signup for a free account and you get access to 6 basic themes to which you can add 10 images.
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With you can turn your Twitter and Facebook data into a nice infographic to visually see your social impact. There are lots of infographics posted on the website to give you an idea of what can be created. This tool as not as robust as others, so they have a marketplace where you can hire someone to create your infographics.


Take any data and turn it into a visual report infographic. Simply select a template, upload your data, then customize and share the infographic. Any business can use it to create visual representations of data that can be used by analysts to communicate information or executives looking for insights into the health of their business.
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Load data from Excel spreadsheets, internal databases or even Google drive to create an infographic. They offer pre-defined templates and the option of creating your own. You can create interactive charts that update dynamically with new data. Get started with a free account to test drive the service.
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