The Key to a Profitable Business Website

The Key to a Profitable Business Website

Let me ask you something…would you drive your car for years without doing any maintenance? No oil changes, never replace brakes, belts or any of the fluids? Would you expect your car to keep running without regular maintenance? No of course not, you rely on your car to get you where you have to go.

So it never ceases to amaze me that business owners don’t think that website maintenance is important. They balk at paying for website care plans because they claim they are too expensive.

It costs more to fix your website than it does to do regular maintenance. If you try to do it yourself and don’t know what you are doing, you make things worse. If you wait until it’s broken and have to get it fixed fast, it’s expensive.

Websites NEED Regular Maintenance

WordPress websites need constant, regular maintenance. If your visitors find something broken on your website….trust me, they won’t be back! How long ago did you check your website?

How often do you visit it to make sure it’s up and running? If it went down do you know when and for how long? If you have an e-commerce website, is the shopping cart working? Does the checkout process run smoothly?

Website Maintenance Benefits

WordPress software, plugins and themes need to be updated to most current versions on a regular basis. This reduces website vulnerability and keeps it running at peak performance.

Your website needs to be up 100% of the time. It needs to have fresh content and design changes to keep up with current technology and outpace your competitors. You need to know if it’s loading slow, if your website traffic is up or down, or if something is broken that is causing you lost visitors.

As a business owner, you need to concentrate on building your business. So you need someone to make sure your website is generating the revenue and business growth you expect.

Website Care Plans

Our maintenance programs are a comprehensive approach to keeping your website healthy. We run regular backups before any updates to WordPress software, plugins and themes. We check the website after each update and if there is an issue, we roll back to the previous version so your website is not negatively impacted.

We report any plugin or theme issues to the authors via their support ticket system and follow-up until we have resolution. All this happens without your even knowing there was an issue.

We run security and performance scans to make sure your site hasn’t been hacked, and that it’s load time is optimal. We provide regular reporting so you see all the work that goes into keeping your website up and running.

Do it Yourself

You could try to do your own website maintenance, but in the long run that will cost you much more than you realize. Do you have software that let’s you take a good backup? Does the restore process work if you run into problems?

Did you keep track of the plugin version before you updated? Did you check your website after plugin updates? If you did multiple plugin updates and your website is now broken, do you know which plugin caused the issue? Can you restore you website back to a point without that plugin update?

How frequent are your backups? If something breaks and you have an e-commerce website, will you loose orders because you don’t have a current backup? That could be quite costly, so why risk it?

Professionals Are Worth it

When I first started my business, I hired an accountant and an attorney Believe me they are worth their weight in gold! I could have tried to do my record-keeping and draw up my business contracts…but why would I?

I don’t have time to stay current on business law or accounting. Besides, I need to be working on building my business rather than struggling with how to fill out an IRS tax form. Want to work on your business, do what you do best, and leave the rest to experts? Then hire a web designer to build and maintain your website and grow your small online business.

Let me give you a simple example of why our website care plans are a good value. I recently approached a small business owner who told me my website care plan was too expensive. So I posed these questions:

How much is each customer worth = $30
How many sales does your website generate per week = 100
Total weekly gross sales = $3000

So her total weekly gross sales are $3000 ($12,000/mth) and she thought a $150/mth website care plan was too expensive. Really??? you aren’t willing to spend $150/mth to secure $12,000/mth of gross sales?

Do you begin to see the bigger picture? If you want to keep your website at peak performance and up and running to grow your business, check out our affordable website care plans.