Inbound Marketing Plans

Our Inbound Marketing packages are designed to generate marketing ROI for your business—the best bang for your buck using blogging, social media broadcasts, email campaigns, and lead generation content offers specifically tailored to your target buyer persona and their buyer journey.


New visitors will find you through blogs.  Using your buyer persona and the journey document, we create a blog publishing schedule.  We blog twice a week to ensure SEO juice is constantly being added to your website through indexed pages and keywords.

We create an RSS to email campaign so that your subscribers receive a weekly email update with your latest blog articles.  This way your subscribers continue to digest your content with the ultimate goal of converting them into long-term customers.

Content Offers

Content offers are a lead generation tool that helps your ideal buyer persona solve a problem. We base these off your personas, persona journey, industry research, and your own insights.

Inbound marketing isn’t the art of selling, it’s the art of helping. By helping identify your buyers’ challenges and providing clear courses of action, your offerings turn into valued solutions.

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