Inbound Marketing Plans

Our Basic Inbound Marketing package is designed to generate marketing ROI for your business—the best bang for your buck with content creation, lead generation campaigns, website design and social media.

It consists of 4 modules; Inbound Marketing Setup, Buyer Persona Research and development, Blogging, and Content Offers.

Inbound Marketing Setup

This module involves an audit of your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other analytics and key performance indicators (KPI) to gather a baseline.

We also research your ideal customers and create personas so all future content efforts directly address their wants and pain points. Building a proper foundation sets the stage for your inbound marketing success.

Buyer Persona Research & Development

Personas are the core of all our marketing efforts. We take time to interview you to flesh these personas out as true representations of your ideal buyers.

That way, your content will resonate and compel your actual prospects to go down the marketing funnel.


New visitors will find you through blogs. We blog once a week to ensure SEO juice is constantly being added to your website through indexed pages and keywords.

Content Offers

Content offers are a lead generation tool that helps your users solve a problem. We base these off personas, industry research, and your own insights.

Inbound marketing isn’t the art of selling, it’s the art of helping. By helping identify your buyers’ challenges and providing clear courses of action, your offerings turn into valued solutions.

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