5 reasons why visitors leave your website

5 reasons why visitors leave your website

The first step to growing your online business is to get traffic to your website. But once visitors land on your website, you want to make sure they stick around.

So your website needs to make it very easy for people to do business with you. They need to find what they want quickly and easily. The better you do this, the more likelihood of getting them to convert. Whether conversion is signing up for your newsletter, or a free e-book or even a webinar.

1. Bad Navigation

There is nothing more frustrating to your visitors than not being able to easily and quickly navigate your site. If your menu isn’t clear and simple, visitors will feel confused or angry and leave. You have about 5 seconds to get their attention. So don’t waste it on making it hard for them to find what they are looking for.

The menu should be logical and intuitive with a hierarchy of links that makes sense to your target audience. The navigation should be in one place, and one place only. Best practice is a horizontal navigation bar at the top which is where the visitors eyes land first. Every single page on your website should show the exact same menu. If your site has lots of pages, include a sitemap that presents your menu in a graphic format the visitor can use to find what they need.

2. Bad Structure

It’s estimated that around 50% of sales are lost because customers can’t find what they are looking for. Your content needs to be very well organized. Each page of your website should speak to only one main topic, and should give the visitor all the information they need.

Make your most pertinent content easy to find, whether that be the high level links on your menu or by using an FAQ page. If a concept can be communicated on one page, then do so rather than splitting it out over several pages. “Keep it simple”, is the rule of the day!

3. Boring Design and Content

A simple, clear, concise, “minimalist” website can be very effective if done correctly. The key is to make sure visitors find what they need. That being said, creating a memorable experience for your visitors is just as important.

Good use of video and graphics that engage your visitors attention can help improve your conversion rates. Making use of blogs, and forums is a great way to keep content fresh on your website. This also keeps visitors coming back to either interact in the forums, or read your blogs.

4. Bad use of Audio/Video

You might think a video automatically streaming on your Home page is a good idea. It can actually prove to me more distracting and annoying to your visitor than you might think. The same goes for audio which is actually more distracting to a visitor than the video.

Visitors landing on your website are interested in learning about you, your company, your products and services. They want to decide how they will navigate your website and what content they will absorb. So if you do use video and audio, give the visitor the choice of viewing video or listening to audio.

5. Not Mobile Friendly

It’s hard to believe that there are still websites out there that are NOT mobile-friendly. The majority of website visitors will first visit your website from their mobile device. Tablet and smartphone use is at an all time high and continues to grow. So your website needs to work flawlessly on mobile.

If you have an e-commerce website, you better make sure customers can purchase items easily, quickly, and without any shopping cart or checkout issues. If there is just one minor issue of any kind with your website, the visitor will leave and never come back.

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